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Players, Fans React To Charley Molnar's Firing On Twitter

Twitter, you strange, beautiful thing you.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Social media is an interesting thing. It provides people with ability to watch a story unfold in real time, while also offering their own commentary on the matter. That's precisely why it can be a dangerous monster as well. When news broke early Friday that UMass head coach Charley Molnar has been fired, many players, commits and fans found out the news via Twitter and offered their own personal take on the news.

First, the initial shock to the news:

Some future Minutemen weighed in on the news:

There were the calls to staying united, banding together and remaining strong in the face of adversity:

Naturally there was speculation about the possible candidates to replace Molnar, icnluding a former player tossing his own hat in the ring:

Oh, then there were these gems:

And, finally the man himself weighed in on the whole thing in a simple tweet: