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Early Slices: Pitt Leads BGSU 7-3

A pair of throws to Shaun Joplin on Bowling Green's second drive brought the shi- I mean Falcons to the red zone. Pitt stepped up within the 10-yard line, making BG settle for a field goal.

However, the Panthers responded quickly with a 7-play, 50-yard drive of their own, which was capped off with a 15-yard touchdown rush by James Connor, putting them ahead 7-3 after the point-after.

The Panthers are really letting Tom Savage throw the ball, and he's doing a fairly good job at it so far (4-for-5, 32 yards). By comparison, Johnson is 3-for-4 for 51 yards.

One quick note before we get going in the second quarter: Pitt has three special teams returns for 76 yards (17-yard punt return by Tyler Boyd and two kick returns by Lafayette Pitts for 59 total yards).