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Heading Into the Fourth Quarter, Pitt and BGSU are Tied at 20.

"Well that escalated quickly."

Receiving the kick to start the second half, "BooBoo" Gates returned the ball for a 94 yards, the second-longest kick return in bowl history. We also had a little bit of a food fight on the return, which is always worth the watch.

Tom Savage, who came off the field holding his ribs after his last drive in the second half, did not return to the field as freshman Chad Voytik took over on offense for Pittsburgh. The offense isn't completely night and day with the new quarterback, but there haven't been any deep passes by the freshman. He helped put them within field goal range on his first drive, but Chris Blewitt's kick was just off the mark.

Okay, get it out of your system if you haven't already: Blewitt blew it.

Both teams would later have to settle for field goals on their next possessions to tie the game at 20-a piece.

James Conner is leading the way for the Panther offense. His 196 rushing yards (20 carries) are a new career-high as a freshman. For Bowling Green, Travis Greene has 15 carries for 47 yards