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Huskies Lead by Slimest of Margins at Half; 7-6

After a early 3-0 lead, and starting the second quarter from the Huskie 27-yard line, the Aggies were forced in to a fourth and 11, making them kick another field goal. Diaz, this time connecting from 39 yards, gave Utah State the 6-0 lead.

Lynch and the Huskies began their fourth possession with a couple of first downs and got into Utah State territory in just three plays. And that's where the Aggie defense showed up, forcing the Huskies into a 3rd and 4 from the 41. But big Cameron Stingily ran up the middle for 5, and a first down, preserving the drive. The Huskies would then run repeated at the Aggie defense with Lynch and Stingily, power versus power. The Huskies would win the battle, as Lynch forced his way into the endzone giving NIU a 7-6 lead with 8:17 remaining.

Utah State would start at the 35 after an NIU horse collar call. From there they would get a few more yards, but the Huskie defense would force a punt - that would sneak into the endzone, giving NIU the ball at their own 20.

From there the Huskies would drive down inside the Utah State thirty, and with less than 50 seconds to go, on a 4-and-three, the Huskies would attempt a QB sneak with Lynch. The Aggie defense was ready for it, forcing Lynch back, and taking over at their own 25.

However, NIU would hold them, getting two sacks in the last 20 seconds, preserving a 7-6 halftime lead.