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Aggies lead NIU 13-7 After 3 Quarters

The Huskies got the second half kickoff but didn't do much...or anything, with it, as on the first play Lynch threw his eight pick of the season - giving the Aggies the ball the NIU 31-yard line. Utah State wouldn't waste much time, as Brandon Swindall caught a 7-yard TD pass to give the Aggies their second lead of the game: 13-7.

On their next possession, NIU struggled. The Aggies forced a short run, an incompletion, and then sacked Lynch; forcing a three andout, and a 48-yard punt from Tyler Wedel. But the Huskies defense stepped up, forcing a forth-and-two and a punt, with no damage being done.

But, with the Huskies starting from their own 15, the Aggie defense again forced a three and out. Garretson and the Aggies took over at their own 40, After a first down, the Aggies had a man wide open on a trick play, but Jimmie Ward made a great recovery and forced an incompletion - leading to a 4-1. The Aggies would go for it and get way more than just the one they needed - running for around 20 yards, inside the 15.

However, Jimmie Ward had enough. Ward jumped the route, picking the ball off in the endzone and running it out to the 15. NIU's offense still struggled though, gaining just 9 yards on the three plays, forcing another fourth down, and yet another punt. But the Huskies pull out all the tricks, faking the punt and running for seven yards, keeping the drive alive and ending the third quarter.