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Aggies Take Poinsettia Bowl 21-14

Starting the fourth quarter down by 6, but with the ball and momentum, the Huskies still failed to do anything. After the successful fake, the Huskies only managed six yards in their next three plays and were forced to give the ball back to Utah State.

Starting from their own 30, the Aggies moved backwards on their first two plays. A 15-yard personal foul and a 1-yard QB rush set up a 3rd-23. On third down George Rainey tipped the pass and Ken Bishop picked off Garretson, giving NIU the ball at the Utah State 13.

Once again the Aggie defense showed up. The Huskies were forced into a 4th-and-nine where Matt Sims would come on for a 29-yard attempt...which he missed...again! Sims missed his ninth kick in 13 attempts and gave the Aggies the ball back at their own 22-yard line.

The Aggies would try to clock by using DeMartino on most of their plays, and wound up stringing together a long drive. Utah State would convert multiple third downs on their way on their way to a 1-yard TD run by DeMartino.The 2-point conversion gave the Aggies a 21-7 lead with 4:14 to go.

After a good return to the 40 by Paris Logan, the Huskies would hurry up, as best as possible, driving down to the 15. But the defense would force a 4-10 , in which Lynch would hit Brescacin for a 9 yard gain...but Brescacin would break a tackle and find the endzone! Making it a 21-14 game with 1:44 to go.

From there the Aggies would call a timeout, icking the NIU kicker and getting their coverage ready for the onside kick.

Tyler Wedel, NIU's punter, would then try attempt a onside kick. But the Aggies recovered, giving Utah State their second straight bowl win, 21-14.