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Hustle Belt's Men's Basketball Players of the Week: Week 4

A should-be regular appears in the East, but this time the surprise performer is out of the MAC West.

Last week it was Mark Henniger. This week? Connar Tava.
Last week it was Mark Henniger. This week? Connar Tava.
Gregory Shamus

This week, like last week, gives us one known and one relative unknown in our player of the week awards. The good thing about finding out about these guys now is that we won't be that surprised when they start playing well later on this year.

East: Javon McCrea, Buffalo

LW: Mark Henniger, Kent State

McCrea had a pretty good week last week and put up great numbers against a quality team in Robert Morris. He scored 18 points and 12 rebounds against the Colonials after posting 60 points and 28 rebounds in the two previous games. McCrea is the heart and soul of the Bulls and will take them as far as he can go. With the NBA on the list of goals, McCrea has one more shot to get to the NCAA Tournament. If he plays like he has the past four games, the Bulls will certainly be hard to beat.

Pts Reb Ast
2013 - Javon McCrea 18.2 10.6 0.6

West: Connar Tava, Western Michigan

LW: Rian Pearson, Toledo

Yes, that's Connar with an "a." Tava (pronounced Tay-Vee) had himself a week, scoring 20 against Oakland and 16 against Cornell. Yes, those teams were winless at the time, but it's still impressive. Tava had 13 boards against the Big Red, which is tough to do especially for someone 6'5". After the transfer of Darius Paul, the Broncos needed someone to step up and fill those big shoes. Tava seems to be that guy and is really proving himself worthy of increased minutes. Coach Steve Hawkins will need Tava to keep it up as it seems to be an uphill climb towards the MAC West title.

Pts Reb Ast
2013 - Connar Tava 13.4 5.9 2.3