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MAC Football Power Rankings: The Final Standings For 2013

Bowling Green shook up the MAC power dynamic, shooting to the top of the conference and destroying a dynasty in the process.

Duane Burleson
Rank Rank (Pv) Team Record What We Learned
1 3 10-3 (8-1) Last night the Falcons did the unthinkable. They took on the two-time reigning MAC Champions and didn't just beat them, they obliterated them, and at their own game. For all the talk of BG's defensive performance (it was a good one, shutting down Jordan Lynch isn't easy), the offense looked dynamic. Matt Johnson was superb, and Travis Green showed why he's one of the nation's top running backs. All season long the Falcons improved week by week and are nothing like that squad that lost to Indiana early on. Last night Bowling Green showed it was truly the best in the MAC, in every single way.
2 1 12-1 (8-1) The mighty have fallen. Deemed unbeatable for their dominance of the past several years, the NIU Huskies showed a flaw last night: When a defense can dictate the pace of the game, it all falls apart. It happened last year against Florida State and it happened again in the MACC Friday night. NIU has an electric offense, but it really does all boil down to Jordan Lynch, and if a team can stop him, it's bad news for the Huskies. NIU is still a top-notch mid-major team, but Bowling Green asserted its spot as the top dog (pun intended) in the MAC.
3 2 10-2 (7-1) Nothing to see here.
4 4 Toledo

7-5  (5-3)

Nothing to see here.
5 5 Buffalo 8-4  (6-2) Nothing to see here.
6 6 CMU

6-6  (5-3)

Nothing to see here.
7 7 Akron 5-7  (4-4) Nothing to see here.
8 8 Kent State

4-8  (4-4) Nothing to see here.
9 9 Ohio

7-5  (4-4)

Nothing to see here.
10 10 EMU

2-10 (1-7)

Nothing to see here.
11 11 WMU 1-11 (1-7) Nothing to see here.
12 12 UMass

1-11  (1-7)

Nothing to see here.
13 13 Miami 0-12 (0-8) Nothing to see here.