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BCS Rankings, Week 16: Northern Illinois Drops To No. 23

The final nails in the coffin holding the Huskies' BCS dreams were pounded into place Sunday night with the release of the final BCS standings of the 2013 regular season.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

All hopes of the Mid-American Conference crashing the BCS party in the final year of the system were dashed Friday night when the Bowling Green Falcons dominated Northern Illinois in the MAC Championship game. Tonight's BCS standings reveal show put the final nail in that coffin.

Northern Illinois fell nine spots to No. 23  in this week's BCS rankings; the final BCS rankings ever, the lowest the Huskies have been ranked in the BCS this year. It eliminates NIU from any chance of going to a BCS bowl this season, the final year of the once heralded system.

A week ago the Huskies were in the driver's seat of a return trip to a BCS bowl. Sitting at No. 14, two spots ahead of an automatic qualifying conference champion (UCF) all they had to do was win the MAC Championship then pack their bags and head to sunny Arizona for the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. It was a simple plan that seemed achievable for a school that hadn't lost yet this season.

That plan couldn't have gone any worse for NIU. Bowling Green slapped the Huskies in the mouth from the start of Friday's game, and showed every flaw in their armor. In the end Northern Illinois was battered, bruised and sitting on the losing end of a 47-27 rout. With the loss the Huskies BCS hopes were dashed, along with a nearly $18 million payday the appearance would have brought.

The human polls confirmed NIU would take a massive drop earlier Sunday as the Huskies took massive hits in both the Coaches and Harris polls. With an undefeated season over, the computers didn't respond well either. NIU dropped to an average of No. 19 in the computer polls. Last week they came in at an average of No. 10.

With their bowl picture already set, all the Northern Illinois Huskies can do is reminisce on the dream that almost was.

Here's a look at the full BCS Top 25 (CLICK TO ENLARGE):