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Deadspin, Toledo Blade drop the sexual allegiation bomb on Kevin Hadsell

The former Toledo cross country coach had his romantic dirty laundry aired on Deadspin by his former player (and girlfriend's roommate). The Toledo Blade backs this up with information on who helped turn him in.


I didn't know if we were ever going to hear substantive evidence of what happened to Hadsell leaving Toledo. I think everyone's implication was that he was involved in "extracirriculars" with students who may or may not be his runners.

Deadspin is coming off that hugely popular report about Manti Te'o's fake dead online girlfriend — a story which breached beyond the sports world and into the general populace. They've probably done breaking news since then, but I was surprised to see this morning that they had an intensely detailed report about Hadsell's romantic involvement with a player, more than one in fact. To boot, they also interviewed the person who turned him in, identified as "Andrea" and shared the text messages. The Toledo Blade did some investigating of their own and revealed that former UT runner Emma Kersetz, an All-American who recently made a decision to turn pro, was the one who turned in evidence to the university. Hadsell admitted to a relationship 10 years ago, but not this one.

The Deadspin report also allegations of driving the team van to meets while drunk and ... well, just read the darn thing. Based on the descriptions in the report, the two big takeaways was that 1) Hadsell is a tremendous coach in the aspect that he made his runners better, and 2) he was an overt womanizer with a tight strangle on the program. Good for "Andrea," or Kertesz, or whoever brought him to light.