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Abreu's 3-pointer might've sealed the game

Can he miss? He cannot miss. With a man in his face, Alex Abreu just chucked up a 3-pointer to respond to DJ Cooper's trey on the other end — a shot the Bobcats had to have, given their sputtering execution on the offensive side — to stop a potential run for Ohio to get back into the game. Akron leads 71-57. Abreu now has 17 points and is near-perfect from the floor (7-for-8).

The only good news for Ohio is Zeke Marshall had to sit down with his fourth foul as the teams entered the under-8 timeout. But only five minutes remain. Cooper is starting to play hero ball from behind the arc, but he might need to trust his guys inside, stop the clock, and make some free throws. They've been doing that a bit, but perhaps need to get back into that habit.