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Akron runs away with 86-72 victory over Ohio

This was simply an incredible, complete game out of Akron. Yes, they had the home fans on their side, although all the pressure was on them to beat the Bobcats, who bested them in the MAC Championship, and retain their nation's-best winning streak. They did all that, and again it was a team effort. And for the fifth time in eight conference games, they had a new high scorer: Alex Abreu with 21 points and nine assists.

Ohio was playing wild all game and for the first part of the match it was working. After that 14-0 run it looked like they might run away with it, but the Zips held their ground and got everybody involved. Zeke Marshall had a showcase game. His defense was nice but this one was better on the offensive side, going 8-for-8 and landing with 17 points and 12 rebounds, four offensive. He added two assists and two blocks, and that's a solid day for him.

Then you can go down the line: Demetrius Treadwell had 15 points and kept them in it in the first half, Reggie McAdams played some decent minutes and drained some threes, and Nick Harney played a Chris Perez role by shutting down the game with some buckets and free throws.

DJ Cooper just had a poor game, and I wasn't expecting that from him. He got his 14 points and six assists, and passed incredibly well all game, but shot errantly all day. Walter Offutt couldn't find his rhythm, and Ivo Baltic took ONE shot all game. Nick Kellogg was the only one who short worth a darn, leading the team with 15 points, and T.J. Hall snuck in there with 12. Reggie Keely added 11 before fouling out.

Mind you, it's just one game. On Akron's return trip to Athens, don't expect just a flat shooting night out of the Bobcats. But if the Bobcats were going to lose, I felt it was because they had trouble stopping the Zips as a team. And 86 points ... yeah, that'll do it.