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Bronson Hill among football players at the MAC Track Championships

Eastern Michigan's game-changing running back is one of 10 finalists in the 60-meter sprint event this weekend.

Jamie Sabau

The convergence of football stars and track stars isn't that rare, but I didn't take notice until recently that a few notable names will be in the MAC Track and Field Championships this weekend in Ypsilanti, mostly in the 60-meter sprint event. 60 meters is about 65 yards, and there are times in games where you need to run that far, and pretty fast, too. Too often we're told in life "you can do this one thing," and versatility is refreshing to see, even in the college ranks.

I went through the list and found two familiar names, followed by a third:

Bronson Hill: Eastern Michigan's running back came out of nowhere and posted one of the greatest games on the season, due in part to several long touchdown runs. If 60 meters is about 65 yards, then this is a 70-yard run:

Bryan Cheek: The Akron redshirt freshman cornerback recorded eight tackles in very limited time with the Zips and qualified third for the 60-meter, as well as 7th in the 200-meter.

Malachi Freeman: Yet another Akron cornerback, this one more accomplished on the field, even if he isn't as fast as Cheek. Freeman was fifth on the team in tackles last year and was tied for 11th in the MAC with seven pass breakups. In terms of the 60-meter, he finished one hundredth of a second better than his teammate Cheek, so they might have a shot at medalling here.

Obviously, there are way more athletes beyond football players, and if you want a more comprehensive preview of the championships, Jesse Squire has you covered, and I'm sure he'll tell us if they win or not.