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MAC Harlem Shake

We can't stop it, we can only hope to contain it.

Why haven't these guys done one yet?
Why haven't these guys done one yet?
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

You getting sick of this thing yet? It's only two weeks old and some are thinking it's played out, but that's what you get when you're dealing with internet memes. Anyway, here's all the relevant Shakes from our full-fledged Mid-American Conference institutions (sorry UMass). Vote which one you think was the best (or sucked the least) at the bottom. No prizes, because no one should get any type of reward for continuing this.


Akron Zips Basketball - Harlem Shake (via ZipsAthletics)

Ball State:

Ball State University Swim and Dive Harlem Shake (via 5h4n3x)

Bowling Green:

Harlem Shake: Bowling Green Edition (via Christopher Cournan)


University at Buffalo Swimming and Diving Harlem Shake (via iSwimmer)

Central Michigan:

Central Michigan University Lacrosse Harlem Shake (via Zachary Lietz)

Eastern Michigan:

Harlem Shake (Eastern Michigan University Women's Basketball Team) (via Eastern Michigan)

Kent State:

Kent State Harlem Shake (Official) (via KSUAlumniAssociation)


Harlem Shake - Miami Hockey (Soldier Field) (via Anthony Jacaruso)

Northern Illinois:

NIU Harlem Shake (Official) (via NorthernIllUniv)


Harlem Shake (Ohio University Official) (via C5Productions)


Harlem Shake Toledo (via TOLWBB)

Western Michigan:

Western Michigan University HARLEM SHAKE! (via Veloaded)