The Akron Zips And Why You Should Cheer For Them

Brown and Gold implored us to root for Ohio during football season...I'll return the favor, a Buffalo fan telling us all to Root for Akron Basketball.

Akron is #24 in USA Today poll and in first place in the MAC, they are 4 games away from finishing the regular season 26-4 riding a 22 game win streak. They are primed to make the MAC's second straight deep run into the NCAA tournament. Here is why you should cheer for their success.

Because MAC Basketball still isn't respected. With two 20 win teams already, Ohio and Akron should both be in the tournament discussion, this is a red hot Akron team, and the Ohio team that went to the sweet sixteen in 2012. However, both ESPN and SB Nation have only one MAC team in the tournament conversation. If Akron is dominant, and beats Ohio twice more, once regular season, once MAC tournament, it actually makes room for Ohio to possibly sneak in. If Akron loses, expect only one team in.

Because MAC Champions still aren't respected. Ohio as a very good 13 seed ran to the sweet 16. It's a very hard road as a high seed to get to the final four. Both bracketologies currently place Akron at...the 13th seed. Akron is the lowest seeded team out of all 25 teams ranked in the USA Today poll. #20 Notre Dame is a 6 seed, #21 Butler a 4 seed, #22 Marqutte a 5 seed, #23 Saint Mary an 11 seed and #25 VCU a 9 seed. More Akron wins could led to a better seed and a better chance at a lower seed.

Your team will lose in the first round of the tournament. Of course, unlike football it's anyone's game, any team can go to the Q win 2 or 3 or 4 games and punch their ticket to the dance. But know, the dance will be short, and everyone is going to hate you. I mean if Javon "That S**T" McCrea" decides to go full Tim Duncan and take Buffalo to the dance, I won't cry, but I do know this Buffalo team has no shot in the big boy tourney.

Ohio had their chance, like twice. Ohio greedy cats. They made a great sweet 16 run in 2012, they flirted with a BCS bowl game, they lost money on the game they ended up going to. They are living the big college dream. Let someone else get a taste. Akron lost to UMass, IN FOOTBALL, they deserve this one.

Just as Brown and Gold did, I'll personalize the reasons:

NIU Fans

You get another season of Jordan Lynch: Who cares about basketball when your going to Orange Bowls.

Toledo Fans


Kent St Fans

Yes hated rival, Wagons and Wheels and what not: Yes you also only lost 3 games to Ohio and Akron by a total of 8 points. Still, this is about the MAC. Kent State will be back someday, and would you rather be a 13 seed or a 9 seed?


Look at the Stroh Center, now look at the JAR; Let Akron have something nice for a change.

WMU Fans

Sure you're "in the hunt" but on the Westside is that really a thing to be proud of?

Buffalo Fans

We already pulled the code red at the JAR: What's the point of beating them now?

Ohio Fans

Not Very Impressive on National TV, might be better to stay out of the limelight: Two Words: Vince Gill

So here's hoping the Zips can get to 26-4, win two more in the tourney, and head to the dance 28-4 riding a 24 game win streak. Zip it up, and Zip it out!

This post was submitted by one of our esteemed readers and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or thoughts of Hustle Belt or SB Nation.

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