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Charley Molnar spent National Signing Day making hashtags

UMass added 19 football players. Head coach Charley Molnar created a Twitter hashtag for each commit, which is more priceless than gold.

Jared Wickerham

Say this about UMass: they've done some good work creating buzz on the Internet in some respects. At other times ... not so much. But I enjoyed what the Minutemen did to honor their newest football class: Molnar and staff gave each player their own hashtag as they submitted their national letters of intent.

It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and puncrafting to get your own hashtag. Use them wisely. Let's take a look at each one. Reminder, we are grading the hashtags, not the recruits themselves.

Grade: Queen, jack ... it's a reach, but they added another twist with the MACed, and he forced it well.

Grade: I ... don't get it.

Revision: ACK is the airport code for Nantucket, and anytime I think of the Nantucket airport, I think of Wings. DAMN IT, LOWELL, WHY'D YOU LEAVE THE SHOW? Anyway, time for a re-grade:

Grade: Sweet and to the point. Also, this isn't just a man of German descent ... he's actually from Germany.

Grade: Unoriginal, but still a fun one.

Grade: I don't mind the alliteration, but if their hockey team spells it with an F, so should they.

Grade: A bargain bin New Jersey nickname, but it's catchy.

Grade: This feels like a nickname from the 1920s. Which adds to its aesthetic value.

Grade: Instead of working off Jordan Page, he played off his Twitter handle and his position. This is sublime.

Grade: He followed up #PancakeMaker with this. Tough act to follow.

Grade: Points off for "swag." Always.

Grade: Ooh, a little dark, if not graphic.

Grade: Whoa, whoa, whoa, I think this is a run-on hashtag. Totally undisciplined. And I don't think that math adds up.

Grade: Solid name for a defensive back.

Grade: I had to look up what "Sachem" was. It's his high school. Perhaps too obscure. For a linebacker, a much better one would be #SachemMachine.

Grade: Now this would make sense if he was the first one to fax in his national letter of intent. But wide receivers are fast and he did use a fax.

Grade: Holy heavens, this one was forced. He's an offensive lineman, so I thought "no pass" would imply a defensive back. Then I thought, oh, I guess nobody will pass by him. Then I stepped back and saw "pass rush" in the name. This was a thinker, but the payoff was delightful.

Grade: Another Jersey nickname. Alliteration helps the cause ... but you had over a year to work on this one and came up with Jersey Giant?

Grade: #BrickWallBruns is what we're looking at. Working on Winning would be a pretty dismal nickname ("hey, you'll get there buddy!") More alliteration, and for once he worked his name into it.

Grade: This has to be an oblique nod to Top Gun. That movie is 27 years old, which makes it an obscure reference for these young'uns. Feh.