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Buffalo, Eastern Michigan Extends Leads, Miami Goes Into Locker Room With Lead

Buffalo had a time in the first half, however a stellar last five minutes pushed them across the halfway line with a four point lead, 30-26.This game is not close to being over, as they have seen six lead changes already. Central is doing a good job hanging around, however will need more players than Fowler or Simmons to step up. It is very much possible.

Eastern Michigan has a seven point lead. Although NIU was able to outdo their first effort against EMU by 17 points in the first half, the five win Huskies are doing all they can to stay in the game. I doubt that NIU has much of a fighting chance in the second half, but after all it is March.

And Miami, who was loosing by the largest margin so far in the tournament, currently holds a 3 point lead, 34-31. Jon Harris is a really, really good basketball player, and he is proving it once again tonight. He already has 14 points, and is trying to put his team on his back and carry them to Cleveland. He may do that if he is able to replicate his first half performance.

There has been some really exciting basketball so far, and since i am a wagering man, I bet you that the trend is going to continue to close out this first round night.