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Miami Upsets Bowling Green 63-52; Are the Redhawks a Cinderella?

I was going to write a scathing attack on Bowling Green. Perhaps calling them choke artist, taunting them about being unable to get pass the first round.

And then I realized the real story was Miami. Miami is the team that is playing their best basketball at the perfect time. Miami looks like a team that could shock the world and make a deep run in the tournament.

Besides, I am going to attack Eastern Michigan here in a little while so I ought to give out some love first.

Reggie Johnson, Miami's freshman guard , scored ten points in the second half. Included in that were two crucial three pointers that extended his team's two point lead into an eight point advantage with just two minutes to play. It took Bowling Green completely out of it. . Also, he scored the first four points of the second half that extended a three point lead into seven. He finished the night with 12 points off the bench.

However good Johnson was in the second, Jon Harris was equally good in the first. It was apparent that the RedHawks got out to a rough start, but Harris was able to, almost single handily, keep his team in the game. He finished the first half with 12 points and the game with 14.

Along with them two, Will Felder finished the night with eleven points. Though most of his came off of free throws at the end of the game. You can credit him for shutting the lid.

These three men were able to give the rest of their team the push they needed. This team, that played Ohio to four points in Athens just a couple days ago, has a shot to do something special this tournament season. They will now go on to take on Eastern Michigan. It will be a game that I feel they should be favored.

Who really knows how far this young, hungry team can go? I do know that I want to be there to find out with them.