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CIT: Kent State loses at Loyola Maryland in second round

When will the MAAC on MAC violence end? The Greyhounds ended the Golden Flashes season thanks to excellent defense.


Let's see ... 30 percent shooting in the first half, 25 percent in the second h- yeah, that'll do it.

It was a slow bloodletting of Kent State all game. They never could grab a lead, were tied early on, then fell right off from there. Randal Holt, Chris Evans and Darren Goodson all hit double-figures, accounting for 35 of the team points. They went a combined 12-for-13 shooting, but Evans was 2-for-11 from the line, Holt was 5-for-13 and nobody could hit a 3-pointer to save their bacon (3-for-18). KSU rebounded rather well and for the most part their free throws were made (24-for-33) but Loyola actually beat them in that respect too.

For Loyola, it was all Erik Etherly, who shot 17-for-19 from the line to land with 27 points and 11 rebounds. LMD went 29-for-33 as a team from the freebie line and didn't shoot the lights out from the floor, but didn't have to.

There were two reasons, beyond the obvious "keeping the MAC season alive," I wanted their season to continue: for one, Chris Evans' dunks. The highlight reel is now set in stone on YouTube, and we will always have this one. But additionally, Bradley is still alive in the CIT. If you recall, Bradley is now coached by ex-Kent State guy Geno Ford. And this wouldn't be a homecoming so much as it'd be a bitter reunion. I wonder how that lawsuit turned out.

This leaves just Western Michigan among men's MAC teams still alive, and they play at Wyoming on Monday night.