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Alex Abreu Arrested for Marijuana Trafficking, Suspended By Team

The Zips point guard was jailed for some pretty serious charges, and Akron's dream basketball season hangs in the balance.


Is this the best Akron basketball team ever? We may never find out as the glue which held together this wonderful Zips team is in jail for trafficking marijuana.

He's had a spectacular on-court year, averaging six assists per game, second best in the MAC behind DJ Cooper. He's also scored over 10 points per contest, hitting nearly 40 percent of his 3-pointers. The Zips have announced he is suspended from the team, which if it sticks would sling freshman Carmelo Betancourt, who has averaged less than 10 minutes per game but has appeared in every contest, into a starting role.

Here's the basketball situation: Akron will finish their regular season Friday night at home against rival Kent State, a meaningless game as far as the standings are concerned. After that they'll warp straight to the MAC Basketball Tournament semifinals Friday night to play a team of unknown origin, and that's the game that matters, so if they can sort out this Abreu mess by then, perhaps things will be fine.

Mind you, let's hold off on ANY speculation for what has happened. All we know is he's in jail for these alleged charges. But what a terrible time for this to happen for everybody involved.