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Abreu had a 5-pound package of marijuana delivered to his house

The news isn't any more jarring this morning, but at least we know a little bit more about what happened. Per the ABJ, Abreu and 18*-year-old Austin Durgala, who self-identifies as a white rapper" on YouTube, were charged with two third-degree felonies: possession of marijuana (five pounds of it) and marijuana trafficking.

(The ABJ and other sources are saying he's 18 years old; the Summit County Jail website lists Durgala as 21.)

A package en route to their apartment was identified by a K-9 unit to contain drugs, so police delivered the package undercover, then arrested the two when they accepted it.

Also, we found Abreu's mug shot on the Summit County website, as well as the court case and charges against him.

In terms of Zips fans, there's been a stark contrast in attitude. 24 hours ago, they were unafraid of any team and ready to be discussed nationally. Now they seem to be in a "we shall overcome" mentality — and I am purely going by what the Zips MBB Twitter account is retweeting.