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Trey Zeigler is transferring yet again

The former Central Michigan guard is now also a former Pittsburgh guard.

Ethan Miller

He's just looking for happiness. For Trey Zeigler, it wasn't in Mount Pleasant, despite the name. He got tons of playing time under his father at Central Michigan, but they didn't win much and Ernie Zeigler was fired. It wasn't in Pittsburgh, either; they won a lot more (and were ranked in the top 25) but his playing time was cut in half.

So what lies next for Zeigler? It's hard to tell, but with one more year of eligibility remaining, it's clear he's looking for the perfect fit. Aren't we all. You can search high and low for somewhere where he can win individually and as a team, but hopefully as a young man seeking perfection, he can rely on that old adage about home being where you make it. And wherever it is, his free throw percentage is unfortunately going to hang around 50 — he shot 49 percent on such attempts for Pittsburgh.

I have to imagine his next home will not be Duke, UCLA, Michigan or any of the other elite programs that wanted his services the first time around. No, he'll be a one-year "hired" gun for some school needing a boost of senior leadership and ability. Kind of like Kyle Randall was for Central Michigan.

Hold on, brb choking on irony.