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Abdel Nader joins 'The Mayor' Fred Hoiberg at Iowa State

The former NIU Huskie, who had some problems off the court while in Dekalb is joining 'The Mayor' Fred Hoiberg's Iowa State team.

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'The Mayor' Fred Hoiberg has relied heavily on transfers to build up the Cyclones program, Abdel Nader is his latest addition.
'The Mayor' Fred Hoiberg has relied heavily on transfers to build up the Cyclones program, Abdel Nader is his latest addition.
Jamie Squire

It looks like Abdel Nader has picked his landing spot nearly a month after it was announced that he was no longer a part of the Northern Illinois program. The former two-time NIU leading scorer took to twitter to announce his next stop.

Nader, who left the Huskies on not so savory terms, has chosen Fred Hoiberg's Iowa State Cyclones as his new destination and will be eligible to play for the Cyclones in the 2014-2015 season after sitting out next season per NCAA regulations. Although the team has yet to announce the move, multiple sources are reporting it. Considering Hoiberg's tendency to accept transfers it seems like a good fit for Nader.

"To me, it is a fresh start. Not many people get a second chance. I am really grateful and I am going to take advantage of it," Nader told

The Cyclones will lose two long-time starters in their front court after next season, opening a prime spot for the 6-foot-7 forward who averaged 13.1 points-per-game last season while leading the Huskies to a 5-25 season. Nader joins the Iowa State program during an interesting time though. Fresh off a 23-12 season before falling to Ohio State 78-75 in a controversial game the team that 'The Mayor' Hoiberg built has recently found itself in some hot water.

The schools athletic program was recently found to have major NCAA rules violations by making more than 79 rules violations, with the football and basketball programs as the largest violators. The NCAA is calling it a "systemic failure" which is never a good thing. At least 33 Cyclones coaches are accused of making excessive impermissible text messages and phone calls to recruits, something the NCAA takes very seriously.

"Numerous violations occurred and the monitoring processes in place at the time failed to detect this ongoing, deficient practice," the report stated according to USA Today.

The NCAA has yet to issue any punishment, but it looks like if the hammer does come down it won't be a light one. In an attempt to get out in front of the event Iowa State recommended a self-punishment of a two-year program wide probation (as it was kindly pointed out probation =/= post season ban - thanks for the heads up KnowDan). .