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Brian Winters goes 72nd overall to the Jets

After two straight MAC picks (between two drafts) it took 71 more before the next MAC player was drafted.

Finally, in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft the Jets made it happen by selecting Kent State offensive lineman Brian Winters. It's a good spot for Winters as he's likely to get an opportunity to compete for a starting role from the start of training camp. The Jets line needs some help as evidenced by the upset Jets fans after the team failed to get an offensive lineman in the first round. Also there was this, but that's more of a quarterback problem. With his skills as a run-blocker, the Jets could really use Winters' 320-pounds to help get their stagnant offense back on track.

Winters could possibly be blocking for former West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith who was taken by the Jets in the second round and has opened up the possibility for the team to cut/trade Mark Sanchez.. Winters will be relied upon to help protect their new quarterback from the pounding their field generals took last year. The Jets were sixth in the league for most sacks given up, with 47. Winters will also get an opportunity to lead the way for new Jets running back Chris Ivory. The Jets traded a fourth-round pick for Ivory and will give him a shot at the starting role.