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Baseball's regular season set to wrap up

MAC schools will finish their regular seasons this weekend, all with 3-game in-conference series, just in time for the MAC tournament to start on Wednesday the 22nd.


# Team W L GB Playoff
1 Buffalo 17 6 - -
2 Kent St 17 7 0.5 -
3 Northern Illinois 15 9 2.5 -
4 Ball St 13 11 4.5 0.5
5 Miami (OH) 12 12 5.5 1.5
6 Bowling Green 11 12 6.0 2.0
7 Toledo 11 13 6.5 2.5
8 Eastern Michigan 11 13 6.5 2.5
9 Akron 10 13 7.0 0.5
10 Central Michigan 10 14 7.5 1.0
11 Ohio 8 15 9.0 2.5
12 Western Michigan 7 17 10.5 4.0

With the MAC tournament just around the corner, there is just enough time for one last 3-game series for everybody to squeeze in this last weekend of the regular season. Let's take a gander at the six in-conference series that will all be starting off tomorrow evening.

Buffalo at BGSU

Buffalo is already going to be a top-3 seed in the MAC tournament, so this is really BG's play-in series. Sixth in the MAC standings, the Falcons have a variety of ways to get into the tournament, but they'll be looking to win their way in by taking the series on their home field.


With Western out of the playoff picture, this is CMU's series to win. The Chips are sitting at the bottom-tier of the MAC standings, but a sweep here could earn them a spot as a low-seed for the tournament.

Toledo at EMU

In my unbiased opinion, this is the biggest series of the weekend. If one team sweeps then they've earned an automatic bid for the tournament, but what's the likelihood of that happening? Then again, EMU did beat Purdue 20-2 last night, so anything's possible.

NIU at Ball State

All Ball State has to do is win a game. That's it, just win one game. NIU's is already in, so they won't be too crushed by losing a game. Just. Win. One. Stinkin'. Game. That's it.

(Or have either Buffalo or Kent St lose one, that would work, too.)

Kent St. at Akron

It's been almost a full year since the Golden Flashes beat top-seeded Oregon in the Eugene Super Regional to play as the first MAC school to make it to the College World Series since EMU went on to become CWS runner-ups to Arizona in 1976. KSU opened up with a loss to Arkansas, but came back to beat top-ranked Florida, then sent home after a loss to South Carolina. The Gamecocks would then go on to be the 2012 CWS runner-ups.

Not that Kent St need any of this for some sort of motivation for the weekend, but Akron needs something as they are just behind EMU and Toledo and could find themselves playing in Avon, OH on Wednesday.

Ohio at Miami (OH)

The Redhawks are about as inconsistent as they come. They're 9-7 at home for the year and are 3-4 in the month of May. One win here would take the Bobcats' out of the playoff picture.

If you want schedules for this weekend's match-ups, check out the MAC-sports website.