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Nick Harwell's career with Miami is over

The standout wide receiver is no longer enrolled at Miami University, ending his MAC football career.

Nick Harwell / Tony Tribble-USA TODAY Sports

We were all dancing around the inevitable conclusion, but our thoughts turned out to be correct: Nick Harwell is gone from Miami. The school confirmed he's no longer enrolled at the University after he went through the standard appeals process, and coach Don Treadwell confirmed he's no longer with the football team given this outcome.

Also thrown into this story was that Harwell pleaded guilty earlier this month to a count of attempted theft and was given 90 days in jail, 89 of them suspended. So ... time served plus probation. There was no mention of him allegedly attempting to break into his girlfriend's residence, which was on the original police report.

He had a real chance at breaking all sorts of MAC records in his senior year if he stayed healthy and out of trouble, and all of that is out the door. What's next for him remains to be seen, but he does have football talent so don't be surprised if you see him wind up at some small Division II college. Being originally from Texas, he'll probably wind up down there. I'm not sure pro football scouts would be particularly interested in him after how this episode unfolded.

In terms of Miami football terms, this is an opportunity for junior Dawan Scott to become The Guy, given he's their top returning receiver (57 catches, 851 yards, 7 touchdowns).

It's a sad end to a bad situation, but I can't help but see the irony that Harwell won't graduate from Miami after stealing a cap and gown out of his ex-girlfriend's car.