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Final weekend series: Day 2

An update around the MAC: seven teams have their bids to play in the MAC tournament. Tiebreakers will be the biggest deciding factors of the bottom 3 seeds.

Seed Team W L GB Playoff
1 Buffalo 19 6 - -
2 Kent St 19 7 0.5 -
3 Ball State 15 11 4.5 -
4 NIU 15 11 4.5 -
5 Miami 14 12 5.5 -
6 Bowling Green 12 14 7.5 -
7 Toledo 12 14 7.5 -
8 Eastern Michigan 12 14 7.5 0.5
9 Central Michigan 11 15 8.5 1.0
10 Akron 10 16 9.5 2.0
11 Ohio 8 17 11.0 3.5
12 Western Michigan 8 18 11.5 4.0

Buffalo at BGSU

Game 1: UB wins 10-4

Game 2: UB wins 4-3

One more win by Buffalo and they'll be crowned as regular season MAC champs & will be the top seed going into Wednesday's festivities. A loss here and they'll be cheering for Akron.


Game 1: WMU wins 6-4

Game 2: CMU wins 5-3

The Chips are still clawing their way into the playoffs. Akron's loss to Kent makes Central the only team that's below the top-8 teams in the MAC, but could still make their 11th strait appearance in the MAC tournament. I'll explain in the next series recap.

Toledo at EMU

Game 1: Toledo wins 4-0

Game 2: EMU wins 10-4

This is where things get really interesting. Bowling Green, Toledo and Eastern Michigan are all tied up with 12-14 records, but tiebreakers make things a little bit easier to figure out.

Head-to-head Tiebreakers:

BGSU > Toledo



Toledo > CMU


Since BGSU and Toledo both have tiebreak wins over Central, they're both automatically in the tournament. So here are the possible scenarios that could happen today & what the final bottom seedings would look like:

-BGSU wins, Toledo wins, CMU loses:

6. BGSU, 7. Toledo, 8. EMU, CMU out.

-BGSU wins, Toledo wins, CMU wins:

6. BGSU, 7. Toledo, 8. CMU, EMU out.

-BGSU wins, EMU wins, CMU (wins/loses):

6. BGSU, 7. EMU, 8. Toledo, CMU out.

-BGSU loses, Toledo wins, CMU wins:

6. Toledo, 7. BGSU, 8. CMU, EMU out.

-BGSU loses, Toledo wins, CMU loses:

6. Toledo, 7. EMU, 8. BGSU, CMU out.

-BGSU loses, EMU wins, CMU (wins/loses):

6. EMU, 7. BGSU, 8. Toledo, CMU out.

Central really needs EMU to fall to Toledo in that series finale if they want any shot at a MAC championship, and it'll be exciting to see how these last three seeds get finalized.

NIU at Ball St

Game 1: Ball State wins 3-2

Game 2: Ball State wins 14-3

Ball State pretty much won Friday's game from the get-go, scoring 7 runs in the very first inning on four hits. NIU started off as the potential 3-seed and have now slipped down to the 4 spot. The outcome of today's matchup will be the deciding factor of who will be the 3 and 4 seeds.

Kent St at Akron

Game 1: Kent State wins 5-4 (17 innings)

Game 2: Kent State wins 4-3

This sure has turned into a neck-and-neck race as to who could be the #1 seed in the tournament, hasn't it? Being out hit 13-4 in yesterday's game, Akron will not be able to play in the tourney, but will wrap things up today at 1 pm.

Ohio at Miami

Game 1: Miami wins 12-7

Game 2: Miami wins 13-6

Miami can't be any worse than a 5 seed for the tournament. A loss here would solidify them in that seed, but a win means that they'll be watching the outcome of the Ball St/NIU finale. Miami could jump up to 4 with a win of their own and some help from NIU.