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Quincy Diggs Likely Reinstated

Diggs had been suspended indefinitely, but now appears to be back in the blue and gold.


Well, it looks like Quincy Diggs will be back in an Akron Zips uniform next season.

George Thomas of the Akron Beacon-Journal is reporting that Diggs has been reinstated to the team and will be able to play his senior season.

Keith Dambrot had stated last season that Diggs had a few milestones to reach before he would return, and it appears he has accomplished those. Now, we shouldn't conclude this is a done deal until something is official from the University (cough, Kyle Vinales), but all signs point to Diggs' return.

Diggs was MAC Sixth Man of the Year for the 2011-2012 season and was a key contributor whenever he was on the floor. He wasn't the team leader in scoring (8.5 PPG), but he did a lot of everything else, including averaging three boards, two and a half assists and one steal per game.

Next season, Diggs should figure into the starting shooting guard role. I see Nyles Evans at the point, Nick Harney at shooting forward, Demetrius Treadwell at power forward and Pat Forsythe at center. That lineup would feature four guys over 6'6", which would be pretty intimidating to most MAC teams. Or Diggs could come off of the bench like he is used to. Basically, Keith Dambrot has (again) an embarrassment of riches.

I won't 100% believe it until a release comes out, but it looks like the Akron Zips will once again be the favorites to repeat as MAC Champions.