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Toledo athletics may start selling alcohol at games

The Rockets may join Bowling Green, Kent State and Akron as the MAC schools licensed to sell liquor to the masses at sporting events.

Rob Carr

Well, it looks like Toledo is gonna start selling beer and wine at their football and basketball games. Per the Blade, they're going to discuss it and potentially become the fourth MAC team and 12th FBS team to sell alcohol on campus. So while more teams don't sell alcohol than do, schools are trending toward selling them.

Personally I am not a fan of alcohol at all. We should all be able to have fun without it, specifically in this context, because we paid way less than Big Ten value to watch highly competitive sports, and we all know how one rowdy drunk individual can ruin a game experience for a fan. It only takes one such person in your section. But I don't want to be the Puritan trying to stop everybody from having fun, or even their alcohol. Plus, the stuff's going to be too expensive for anybody to get plastered, and most games are usually so low-key that I can't see any drunken riots started in the fourth quarter.

But I am not a business major, and it sounds like a decent way to increase revenue in a world where athletic departments need any dollar they can obtain. If the money outweighs the potential negative impact within the stands, then I can live with it.