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Top MAC Football Players of 2013: #50, Joe Windsor, Northern Illinois DL

The senior comes off the edge as our countdown cracks the top 50.


Tied for sixth in sacks last year, Northern Illinois defensive end Joe Windsor comes in at number 50 in our poll.

Windsor competed in all 13 games last season for the Huskies. In them he finished with seven sacks and 38 total tackles. He was a key member on the statistically second best defense of the conference.

One of the reasons for his success, according to the Chicago Sun Times, is his precense in the film room. According to the article that ran early last season, he spent many hours focusing on game tape. All this to say that his work ethic is a tough one to match.

Along with his success getting sacks last season, he recorded ten and a half tackles for loss. That was good for eleventh best in the conference.

However, as good as he was in the regular season, in the 2012 MAC Championship game, he recorded just one tackle. And I can not find his name in the Orange Bowl stats. (That may just be my error.)

Though he may have struggled in the two games, he logged a lot of his stats against Buffalo last season. He came up with 11 tackles against the unsuspecting Bulls.

If I were to predict his stats next season, I would bet that he stay about the same. I don't think he will be able to find himself inside the top five in sacks. I do think that he could improve in the tackle for loss category and get inside the top ten.