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The MAC is full of people who can throw hammers and vault over poles

More like MAC and field, right folks?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Assorted Mid-American-Conference sports news from the day:

φ We have many skilled women who can throw hammersWe're a day into the NCAA outdoor track and field championships but already some nice finishes are rolling in, specifically in the hammer throw. Akron's Brittany Funk finished sixth, while Brooke Pleger (seen featured here before) finished seventh. Buffalo's Shant'e White also finished 19th.

φ Pole vault, too Akron freshman Shawn Barber finished third nationally, clearing 5.60 meters and taking home the bronze.

φ And shot put — Jonathan Jones of Buffalo set a personal best by putting the shot 19.24 meters, good for a fourth-place finish.

φ Allen Roberts is at Penn State now With all of his Miami stuff in the dumpster, Roberts will help out the struggling Big Ten team and is eligible to play this season. He didn't quite leave on a high note, so consider this his second chance, and a darn good one at that.

φ The MLB Draft begins todayThere are no MAC prospects expected to go in the first round, but the obvious first pick out of the MAC would be Player of the Year Jason Kanzler from Buffalo. Pitcher of the Year Scott Baker has one more season left at Ball State but his name may be called. Heck, there are 50 rounds — enough to draft guys that hadn't played baseball since their freshman year of high school. What I'm saying is, keep your cell phone on this weekend.

φ RIP, Saron HoodThe former Buffalo wide receiver played from 2008-2011. UB tweeted out condolences of his death but no other details are known yet.

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