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Charlie Coles Passes Away

Sad news in the MAC today, as Miami announced Charlie Coles' passing

RIP Charlie
RIP Charlie
Joe Robbins

Charlie Coles has passed away at age 71, reported Miami beat writer Rick Cassano:

It's certainly a sad day in MAC basketball. Coles was the head coach at Central Michigan for six years and was at Miami for sixteen. He made the NCAA Tournament four times during his career and was the head coach of the 1998-1999 Miami team that went to the Sweet Sixteen. Coles was also MAC Coach of the Year in 1987 and 2005.

Anyone who has seen a Coles press conference knows the type of person he was. His honesty and candidness about his team was unmatched, and his energy was second to none. Opposing schools' fanbases truly respected the man and would always look forward to when the Redhawks would visit.

This is one of my favorite Charlie Coles moments:

James Whitford, the head coach of Ball State and former Miami assistant, shared his thoughts on Coles:

If you have any favorite memories of Charlie Coles, post in the comments below.