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Judge awards Kent State $1.2 million in Geno Ford contract dispute

Because legal MACtion never sleeps.


You may remember when Geno Ford left Kent State on high accord to go to Bradley, which didn't seem like a huge step up but monetarily it was. The problem was that KSU felt Ford breached his contract by taking another job, so they sued and two years later here we are. A Portage (Ohio) County judge awarded $1.2 million, which I am assuming was derived from four years remaining on his Kent State contract at $300,000 base salary (ergo the buyout money).


Ford is making $700K annually at Bradley and if you're curious about his success, he got through the standard transition year at 7-25, following it up with an 18-17 record and a quarterfinal appearance in the CIT — or one level further than Kent State made it.

And they're not done. They're pursuing a tortious interference claim against Ford, whose trial is set to begin October. This one speaks to me personally because I just spent two weeks on a jury that awarded $2 million to a plaintiff company for, among other things, tortious interference. These decisions are remarkably complicated and tough to determine. Two parties can't agree on money, so a third party figures it out for them. You didn't go to law school for a reason, and you are better off for it, but you now spend your free time reading sports blogs rather than signing expensive contracts, which can be dangerous.