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3rd Annual MAC Pick'em Announcement

With football just 1 month away, the annual festivities will return for the 3rd time. One new tweak and just one minor change this season.

The Pick'em is back for a 3rd season.  Are you in?
The Pick'em is back for a 3rd season. Are you in?

One month guys. We can do this! With the MAC Countdown going on, and almost done, and our founder announcing his pope-like retirement today ('till death, man!), it's time to announce that the one and only MAC Pick'em has returned and is ready for all you clowns to try your hand against some of the best minds in our little slice of 'Murica.

Last year, Kent State screwed me in the MAC Championship Game by calling that stupid tight end play (I STILL REMEMBER DAMMIT) and OHBCats came out victorious after finishing runner-up in 2011. I'm 98% sure he'll be back to defend his title, and I'll be back to try and win my 2nd title in 3 seasons. I'm sure ChippewaBlue will return as well trying to bounce back from back-to-back 3rd place finishes, but then again, he's a Chip fan.

I kid. Everyone is welcome, and to add to it this season, I will bust out a new "saber-metric": The Team Award. Now, not only do you pick for your own title, you can team up with your fellow fans and the team with the highest average points per picker per week in the regular season will win the right to call themselves the smartest pickers. Neat-o, right? So get all your friends in on this.

Now for the bad news. Remember how I was saying that we'd try and find a sponsor? Yeah, that didn't pan out. No $50 gift card this year unless someone else wants to voluntarily step up and do it on their own free will. However, I do not endorse that action, only state that it is an option on your own free will.

OK, so that's it with the announcements. Scoring is the same as always. . .

Non-conference games with a MAC Team
MAC conference games
Game(s) of the Week (as voted on by fans and decided on by admin)
x2 bonus
MAC Championship game
Bowl Games with a MAC team
Bonus for detailed/explained picks*

*detailed/explained picks are fairly simple: explain why you picked the team you did, or explain the game for us. get involved basically. My rule of thumb: 2/3 of the games must be covered.

Weekly tie-breakers stay the same: Points, Highest scoring MAC team, Lowest scoring MAC team. If tie remains, co-winners are announced.

Overall tiebreakers are, in order: Points, MAC Championship game winner, MACCG total score (31-24 = 55 final score), # of weeks won. If there is somehow a tie remaining, we go to total points scored by MAC schools in bowl games, closest without going over.

Since it worked BEAUTIFULLY last season, Google Forms will be used for the picks, and your fandom allegiance. For detailed picks, just comment in the post. It's not that hard. If you have any questions/discrepancies with scoring, just contact me. We'll work it out and double-check the sheets. Use your screen-name on SBNation for EVERYTHING you send to me (picks, comments, emails). I do not know you. If your screen-name and real name match-up (like most of our staff), you don't have to take any extra steps here.

So that's it! If you have any questions, drop them in the comments section. If you plan on playing, say you're in if you want. The first form goes out in 4 weeks, so I'll see you then!