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MAC Football Players from Cincinnati, OH

According to MAC rosters, these players hail from the banks of the Mighty Ohio.

Joe Robbins

I got bored, and there was still an hour before Under The Dome, CBS' new hit drama, was to air (you really should catch up on the show if you haven't). I decided to go through the rosters and list the different players from Cincinnati who will be suiting up for Mid-American Conference teams this season.


Daryan Martin DL (Princeton)

Josh Smith CB (Western Hills University High School)

Robert Stein PK (Sycamore)

Rayshawn Walton RB (Withrow)

Tyler Williams RB (Colerain)

Ball State (2)

Steven Bell, OL (Indian Hill--Go Braves!)

Nicholas Isaacs, LB (Withrow)

Bowling Green (3)

Jordon Hopgood, RB (Princeton)

Jhalil-Nashid Croley, DL (Princeton)

Izaah Lunsford, DL (Shroder)

Buffalo (1)

Jesse Back, OL (La Salle)

Central Michigan (1)

Avery Cunningham, DB (Winton Woods)

Eastern Michigan (0)


Kent State (1)

Trayion Durham, RB (Colerain)


NONE-- I kind of understand this one only because of the distance and irrelevancy. But still shame!

Miami (14)

Drew Kummer, QB (La Salle)

Kevin Johnson, WR (Finneytown)

Robert Williams III, RB (Elder)

Zac Murphy, PK/P (Kings)

Nate Gerbus, LB (St. Xavier)

Tucker Fox, TE (Christian ???)

Terry Davis, OL (Wyoming BOOOOO)

John Anevski, OL (Elder)

AJ Burdin, DT (Elder)

Brandyn Cook, OL (St. Xavier)

Jeff Tanner, OL (Moeller)

Nick Custer, OL (Elder)

Bryson Albright, DL (St. Xavier)

Northern Illionis (0)


OHIO (9)

CJ Anderson, DB (Moeller)

Tim Edmond, RB (La Salle)

Calvin Holloway, S (Glen Este)

Mason Morgan, TE (Sycamore)

Eric Price, DL (Wyoming) (Boo again as I relive the time when I actually cared about the rivalry!)

Ben Russel, LB (Oak Hills)

JD Sprague QB (Mason)

Anthony Talbert, TE (Winton Woods)

John Tanner, TE (Moeller)

Toledo (5)

Chris Dukes, CB (Colerain)

Cameron Cole, CB (La Salle)

Drake Fletcher, LB, (Roger Bacon)

Victor Cave, DE (Glen Este)

Greg Mancz, OL (Anderson)

Western Michigan (1)

Nick Galvin, LB (Moeller)

The grand total of Cincy players that are on MAC rosters right now are 42 players. The top three high schools are all GCL schools. Moeller, La Salle and Elder have four players. Princeton and Colerain have three each. A handful of schools have 2 players that are competing

Author's Note: I apologize if I misspelled or misinterpreted a name, position or school. It is virtually impossible to double check. If something is incorrect, list it in the comment section, and it will be fixed. .