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Miami, And Possibly Ohio, Represented on Regional Television.

Seen hung from a window overlooking Petco Park, #MACTION has made it to the West Coast.

I don't mean to graffiti this site with Reds stuff, especially since our new boss is a Cardinals fan, but I found this to be pretty cool.

In the fourth inning of last night's Reds-Padres game, cameras found what appears to be Christmas lights spelling out "MIAMI OHIO" on windows. We assume that it was put up in preparation for the Reds coming to town, since the university is so close to the city.

Reds' announcer Thom Brennaman, a proud alumni of Ohio, argued that one side represented Miami, and the other was meant for Bobcat Country. I did not think so at first, but after further review it is possible. The color scheme is so different, and they are hung from different apartments. Who knows?

Feel free to comment below as to what you think the residents meant. Is this a nod to simply Miami? Or was Ohio represented as well?

If nothing else, it shows that #MACTION is loud and proud across the country.