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Virtual MACtion, Hustle Belt Style

Are you a gamer? Do you want to test your mettle against some of our staff and followers? Sign up today for the Hustle Belt Dynasty!

Think you have what it takes to beat the best gamers we have?
Think you have what it takes to beat the best gamers we have?
Dave Reginek

UPDATE: Limited spots remain. Check bottom of comments for full details

When EA Sports introduced Online Dynasties in NCAA Football 09, they had to have known that the idea was going to explode. In it's 5th iteration, the Online feature has still remained a favorite among college football fans. In case you aren't familiar with the mainstay, up to 12 friends/fans/rivals can group up together in one Dynasty and play, recruit, and move around the nation as a coach and build up their legacy against one another, and the computer.

Now, we want to invite you into our version of the sensational hit.

Hopefully starting next week, we here at Hustle Belt will start up the Hustle Belt Online Dynasty for the XBox 360 version of NCAA 14. If you are a PS3 gamer, we may still have a Dynasty for you ran by the one and only Alex Alvarado. But it would depend on the interest.

How to get started:

Obviously, you have to have both a working XBox 360 (or PS3) gaming system and NCAA Football 14 (or be mooching it from a friend on a consistent basis). Also, you have to have an XBox Live Gold subscription, and plan to have one throughout the season. If you have all of this, just reply below saying (1) your XBox Gamertag or PSN name, (2) your desired team (if you are a Central fan and don't want to suck the entire time, I understand picking WMU), and (3) your back-up team. If you cannot get your first choice, we will try and accommodate your 2nd. If neither are available, I will message you for the best available.

Ground Rules:

Games will generally be played on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights starting 7 PM EST. For Tuesday and Thursday, 2 weeks will be simulated. Friday will have only 1 week being finished. After the first round of games, you have 1 hour to do your recruiting before the next round of games. If you have a bye week, sweet. If you would like to play your games earlier, or not during the scheduled times, set up a meeting with your opponent and feel free to run a game.

NOTE: This can change depending on schedules. If advancing a week a night during the week (Monday-Friday) works better with those involved, we can play that way. In that scenario, Player A can play Player B at 2 AM if they agree that works for them and Player C can play Player D at 2 pm because both work 3rd shift. Come 7 PM though, any game not played would be simulated. I, personally, am more partial to this schedule, but the first option allows for breaks if need be.

Games will be played on the All-American level, for both offense and defense. This is right between the normal "Veteran" level and the top "Heisman" level. 5 minute quarters. Injuries, icing the kicker, challenges, etc all still remain on. Remember, with a max of 12 teams, at least 1 school will be ran by the computer.

As for recruiting, anything goes. I haven't yet seen anyone commit a recruiting infraction but just like in real life, you have to win these guys over between rival schools. Don't cry because you lost the next Jordan Lynch to me because he was a soft commit and I won him over with promises.

I recommend making your own coaches and starting at Coaching Level 1, but I will not enforce it. If you want to be Tim Beckman and start at Level 4, go ahead. Also on the coaching matter, I ask that you try and remain in the MAC, but again will not enforce it. If you want to bolt for the SEC, you can. It just muddles up the whole idea.

First year, the schedules will not be altered at all. After that, you can request opponents out of conference. Are you UMass and want to win games? Request 4 FCS teams. Do you want to challenge yourself and play the top 4 teams in the nation? Just ask and I'll set you up. First come, first serve basis. Off-season simulations will occur 24 hours upon the end of Bowl season (if there is any issue here with how that is ran, address that to me and I'll gladly take input).

Also, one last note: I'm evoking the "Anti-Herbstreit Rule". What's that you ask? The MAC Champion will earn an auto-birth into the BCS Bowls every season the dynasty runs. They will take the place of The American champion's spot.

What's at stake?

Nothing really. Bragging rights. This is a chance to interact with fellow readers and our staff here outside of the wonderful site. We want you to know we aren't just some guys who write. We're some guys who write and having gaming systems/addictions! Gals are more than welcome as well. We don't discriminate.

We may post weekly updates on the site and will let everyone know who's dominating, and who just can't keep up. If you have questions, comment below or shoot me an email.

So if you're interested, comment below. We will have both a PS3 and an XBox 360 list, so reply to whichever system you want. Have both because you're rich and can afford that? Sign up for both if you want. Remember, this is based on interest only. If we cannot fill at least half of the conference for either system, we will not attempt to run this.

Game on!