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Hustle Bag: Conference realignment, and why won't the MAC schedule around the B1G?

Can NIU expect an invitation to a bigger conference, why won't the pesky MAC schedule makers just stop scheduling games on the same days as the B1G, and what the hell was Don Treadwell thinking?

Ron English doesn't like his schedule being messed with.
Ron English doesn't like his schedule being messed with.
Leon Halip

It's time for the #HustleBag, where you get to have your questions answered by the lovely folks here at Hustle Belt. First up is a question about realignment, sort of.

Well if it isn't everybody's favorite topic: Conference realignment. It's been the No. 1 college football topic for what feels like forever, and the dust has just begun to settle on the most recent wave. I just started to get readjusted to the new system (10 means four, and somehow West Virginia makes sense in a conference full of teams west of the Mississippi).

Honestly, I don't think there are any legitimate shots of this happening in the near future. The No. 1 reason being NIU's basketball program is a joke right now. No conference wants to add a basketball team to that's consistently outscored by their football team, even if that football team happens to be the Huskies. Still, that hasn't stopped something like this Facebook page, dedicated to getting NIU into the Big 12 (er, 10?), from existing. But to paraphrase the Notorious B.I.G.: This is all a dream.

It all makes sense now. The reason EMU's attendance is so miserable is not because the team is bad, but because the Eagles' loyal fanbase is too busy watching the B1G to make it out to Rynearson Stadium. Well now that we know that's the case, maybe we can get that problem fixed. Someone tell Dr. Steinbrecher to refrain from scheduling the Eagles on any day there is B1G football. We don't want our #MACtion spoiling it for anyone else. Saturdays, after all, are only for the B1G boys. Right Steve?

Next question.

Well Steve, you had me worried there for a second, but now I'm starting to see you might actually give a damn about the MAC after all. Let's be honest. EMU is bad. Their schedule doesn't help either. The Eagles are going to struggle to remain relevant in what will likely be Ron English's last season. So will they make a bowl in 2013? No. When will they make a bowl again? The last time that EMU was in a bowl, Ronald Reagan was President. Does that answer it?

Hey guy's, look it's Matt, our humble founder. He told you all he'd be around still, and on cue he show's up with a brilliant question. Luckily for the Hoosier's they're not playing Ball State this year. In fact they're so "lucky", they draw your Falcons in Bloomington. But to answer your question, I'll turn to a fellow Matt:

Now for our final question:

I'm still scratching my head over this hire. All Klacik did to earn this position was lead the Division II Lock Haven Bald Eagles to a 5-60 record in his six seasons. Oh, and they didn't win a single game in his final three seasons there (that was 32 consecutive losses, in case you were wondering). Things were so bad that when Klacik left Lock Haven in early 2011 to join new Miami head coach Don Treadwell's staff, Lock Haven was seriously considering shuttering the football program entirely. The team finally snapped the losing streak this past November, 20 games later. But it's safe to say Klacik derailed an already historically bad program to the point of near extinction.

His tenure was so bad that this is the only mention of it in his Miami bio: "Klacik was head coach at his alma mater, Lock Haven, for six years." A glowing resume, I must say. So is there a third option here? Something like "catastrophic fallacy". Seriously, Treadwell should be fired just for thinking this was a good hire.

That's it for the Hustle Bag this week. Remember to send us all your MAC related questions by using the hashtag #HustleBag for a chance to have them answered right here.

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