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2013 MAC Positional Rankings: Uniforms

Time to look at the 2013 MAC football season. We're going to preview the conference unit by unit, ranking the teams one through 13 at every position and facet we can think of. Up next? Uniforms.


Who doesn't love swaggy uniforms (besides old people and Penn State under Joe Paterno [maybe a bit redundant.]) but really, the uniform craze in college football is one of my favorite things about it. Crazy alternates, black outs, Pro Combats and matte helmets. Ahhh, matte helmets. The Mid-American has some pretty cool uniform sets, old and new. Let it be known that these rankings based entirely off of Seth Alan Austin's personal preference. Obviously, there is no way to quantify the uniform sets in a fair and unbiased way. But, I'm going to anyway because Bryan said I could.

13. Akron - The Zips have some great facilities for football... It's time they come out with an alternate jersey to pump up all the fans that go to their games.

12. Northern Illinois - It's kind of understood that teams with red and black color schemes can only do so much and it's been seen so many times before. Black helmets with either red, black or white uniforms. I'd love to see a white helmet with an all red outline of the Husky.

11. Miami - Ok, guys they tried. I get it, something different. Truthfully, they're basic sets are clean. The white helmet with red "M" and black outline actually looks really nice with their color scheme. This ranking is solely based on whatever you call these.

10. Massachussets - The white-red-white combo of their normal uni set isn't bad and they made an effort to go hard with the all-blacks. Coach Molnar even said in his Q&A session their could be even more alternates this season, which is something to look forward to with the Minutemen.

9. Kent State - Kent took a step up this season with the cleaner, sleeker Nike jerseys they'll be rocking. I love the look of the undershirt sleeves. The Nikelace (a term coined by UniWatch) is just a little too much Nike-ish.

8. Bowling Green - Truthfully not a fan of the Bowling Green color scheme in general, although they do it better than the Cleveland Browns. The best set they have is an all white set-up with the alternate white uniforms. I also prefer when their helmets are just the bird logo or just the "BG" logo, not a combination of both.

7. Ball State - Hey, Seth, you said the red/black thing has been seen enough! Right. But Ball State's white helmets give them a boost of combination. Take the Atlanta Falcons for example. They are NIU. If the Falcons had the same set of unis BUT had a white helmet, they would be Ball State. Plus, the white helmet-black uniform combo is sick.

6. Eastern Michigan - Hey, Seth, Eastern and BG have the same alternate uniform design. Well, the color combination for the Eagles is so much cleaner. Plus, EMU has white, green and gray variables which make their design so much better.

5. Buffalo - Buffalo could be ranked higher, but the whole having to put State University of New York at Buffalo on the front chest of their jerseys is kind of too much. Love the color scheme and the Bulls have one of the more underrated helmet logos in the conference. Wouldn't be surprised for UB to come with a black version of their new unis in the near future.

4. Central Michigan - Everyone was tripping when Central rocked the crazy sleeve unis, but the fact that they have Fire Up Chips on the bicep takes it to a whole new level. Plus the overall color combo of the Maroon and Gold gives the Chips a pretty respectable uniform set.

3. Western Michigan - Act like you know how fly the new Row the Boat uniforms are. Above all else, the brown and white Boise State-looking matte helmets make brown on jerseys look awesome. And it's not like their basic black and gold sets are bad either, considering they use gold over brown.

2. Ohio - Does this reaction warrant a No. 2 ranking? Maybe. Honestly I like the white helmets-black uniform more every time I look back at it. The black helmets made it better. I'll always associate the all-greens to the Penn State win. Also love the green-black-green look. Waiting to see if the 'Cats take an EMU route and find a way to squeeze gray into their combos. Plus you cant go wrong with the classic green and white.

1. Toledo - It took me a long time to decide whether I liked the alternates with the "UT" design on matte blue helmets. And I said yes to the dress. Toledo has, arguably, the best logo for their normal sets, especially when they drop the word "Toledo" from it. Add the fact they are heading very close to all matte, now with a yellow addition. Not to mention they're helmet is our twitter cover photo!

As I said, this is almost 100% personal preference, put you comments below to let me know your rankings. Also, how long will the matte helmet craze last before it's over-played?

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