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Belt Loops: Bowling Green, Central Michigan and Kent State Near Impending D-Day In Quarterback Battles

Our (sometimes) daily look around the world of MAC news takes a look at the impending decision day for several MAC schools looking for a new starting quarterback. As their fall camps have come to a close, Kent State, Central Michigan and Bowling Green are all preparing to announce their new field generals.

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Sam Greenwood

φ Bowling Green's starting quarterback to be named Tuesday — As the fall camp comes to a close, head coach Dave Clawson is set to announce his decision on who will start at quarterback for the Falcons in 2013. Matt Schilz has been the team's starter for the past three seasons, but his downward progression in 2012 left Clawson open to other options. All camp there's been a two-way race between Schilz and redshirt sophomore Matt Johnson, and it appears Clawson will have a decision by Tuesday morning. Originally, I thought this "race" was nothing more than a motivational tactic, but Clawson made it clear last week that wasn't the case. After a stellar performance from Johnson in the team's last scrimmage it's becoming ever more possible that Schilz's days as BGSU's starting quarterback are likely over.

φ Central Michigan's quarterback battle is set to end this week — But, it appears the race may be closer than expected. It's been well known that Cody Kater and Alex Niznak are in a tight head-to-head battle for the reigns to the Chippewas' offense. Kater has the in-game experience, Niznak the superior athleticism to open up the offense. However, it appears redshirt freshman Cooper Rush is more involved in the battle than it previously appeared. Rush is a true drop-back passer, with a stellar high school resume to support his skill. While Rush isn't as composed as the other two, apparently his strong arm is turning heads. So is his wise-beyond-his-years approach with the media. It's unlikely Rush earns the starting job right out of camp, but definitely take notice, he is the QB of the future for CMU.

φ Kent State is also set to name its starting quarterback this week — All camp long the battle to replace Spencer Keith has been between senior David Fisher and redshirt freshman Colin Reardon. New head coach Paul Haynes is nearing a decision, but has made it clear, the battle will be on going. Reardon has looked impressive all fall, but Fisher has the in-game experience. Whoever is named the starter will need to perform more than adequately though if they expect to keep the job. Haynes is going to approach his starting quarterback situation on a week by week basis. Don't be surprised to see the starter flop a few times this fall.

φ USA Today's College Football Countdown finally reaches Northern Illinois — The Huskies come in at No. 21, well within the Top 25, in the countdown. Apparently Paul Myerberg buys into NIU, unlike the majority of the national press. It's good to see that a major news outlet is giving the Huskies the praise they deserve. Myerberg has some interesting statistics to back up his reasoning, including the rare company the Huskies are keeping in terms of their success. Let's just say Stanford and NIU have more in common than you may think.

φ A Ball State women's volleyball player is facing jail time for her role in an assault — Freshman Nikki Box could be nearing the end of her career as a BSU volleyball player before it ever begins. In one of the weirder stories to come out of Ball State athletics this fall, Box is facing battery charges after she allegedly beat up a high school girl last week. Apparently, the victim had recently been cut from Box's old high school program, and proceeded to post a video on Instagram where she flipped off all of her volleyball possessions and ranted about the program. Box seems to have taken offense, and a social media argument ensued. It culminated in Box and four friends riding over to the girls house where she began to punch on the high schooler's face. Box is facing the possibility of up to a year in jail.

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