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Introducing The Camellia Bowl: The New MAC-Sun Belt Bowl Game

Sadly, the new game isn't named after a delicious biscuit.

We feel ya Dave, ESPN blew it this time.
We feel ya Dave, ESPN blew it this time.

RIP to the Biscuit Bowl. We barely knew you.

The Mid-American Conference confirmed their part in the new ESPN-owned bowl game, and at the same time ruined the dreams of #MACtion fans around the world. In the league's official release, details about the new bowl, and the MAC's agreement with it, were provided. So was the new bowl's name: The Camellia Bowl.

That's right, the new MAC-Sun Belt bowl game, which will take place in Montgomery, Ala. starting in 2014, is named after an obscure flower (it grows naturally in Alabama, but who cares), instead of something as delicious, and awesome, as biscuits. ESPN, you blew it here.

Details wise, the conference is locked into a six-year deal, that runs through 2019. The bowl will take place "pre-Christmas" though no more information was given about exactly when that is. Also, the game will be carried on either ESPN or ESPN2. Sorry ESPNU fans.

Back to the name though. Biscuit Bowl would have been perfect, but just about any other name would have been better than the Camellia Bowl. No matter what the Biscuit Bowl will live on as the unofficial name of this new bowl as long as #MACtion is involved. So it is written.

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