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Belt Loops: The Little Caesars Pizza Bowl Could Live On

In our (sometimes) daily look around the world of MAC news there's new hope for the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl. Also, more bad news for P.J. Fleck, and Jim Tressel to return to coaching, sort of.

Thumbs-up guys, the LCPB might live on after all.
Thumbs-up guys, the LCPB might live on after all.
Mark A. Cunningham

φ The Little Caesars Pizza Bowl isn't dead just yet — It appears the LCPB's fight to survive after the 2013 season could be taking a positive turn. In a radio interview Tuesday Pizza Bowl chairman and director Ken Hoffman had some encouraging news. The Detroit Lions and Ford Field were originally strictly against hosting the LCPB in addition to a new B1G-ACC bowl, but Hoffman said the stance has softened and they're now considering the possibility. There's no real news other than that, and he doesn't expect anything major to come out before the end of this year, but it's great news for MAC fans. The Pizza Bowl is the only bowl game in the MAC's territory, and after the conference added a new bowl in Alabama and is rumored to be inking a deal with a bowl in the Bahamas, it would be even more valuable to the MAC fanbase, which might not be willing to, or able to travel halfway around the country to watch their teams compete in a bowl. Hoffman did say that if the bowl is able to continue past 2014 the MAC would remain a component of it. Could we see the MAC with six primary bowl tie-ins come 2014? Only time will tell.

φ WMU football special teams coach J.B. Gibboney has resigned — More bad news out of Kalamazoo (that phrase is really getting old). With just over a week to go until the Broncos' season opener against Michigan State, head coach P.J. Fleck is now tasked with finding a new special teams and defensive backs coach. J.B. Gibboney had a lengthy conversation with Fleck Tuesday night, and has left the team due to personal issues. WMU's boat is starting to sink before it even sets sail.

φ Central Michigan will host a candlelight vigil Josie Seebeck — the Chippewas' soccer player lost her life earlier this month in a tragic car accident. She was just 19-years-old. CMU is hosting a vigil in her honor at a local church. The school is asking that attendees wear bright colored clothing as a way of remembering Seebeck's life.

φ Is Akron becoming the new Cradle of Coaches? — The Zips have a wealth of excellent coaching talents on payroll. Between football coach Terry Bowden, basketball coach Keith Dambrot and VP for Student Success Jim Tressel Akron has three of the best coaching minds in their respective sports on its campus. Though Tressel isn't involved in the football program in anyway, due to a penalty stemming from the Tattoo-gate scandal during his time at Ohio State, he is now going to be responsible for the molding of young new coaches. He will be teaching a class this fall on the "General Principles of Coaching" and will have an opportunity to share his coaching wisdom. Hopefully these young minds can learn what not to do as a head coach from him as well.

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