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Mid-American Conference and Time Warner Cable SportsChannel Reach Three-Year Deal

The MAC reached a new regional coverage deal meaning more coverage than ever, but is this actually a win for the fans?

More TV coverage for the MAC.
More TV coverage for the MAC.
Chung Sung-Jun

Better check your local listings, because your Mid-American Conference programming is moving.

The MAC announced Friday that it reached a new 3-year regional television deal with Time Warner Cable SportsChannel, making it the new home of MAC Sports in Ohio and western and central New York. (That includes New York City—Big Apple #MACtion baby!).

The deal replaced the conference's old deal with SportsTime Ohio, which is now a part of Fox Sports Ohio.

Game coverage begins this season and means more MAC sports programming than ever before. You're welcome mid-America. SportsChannel will air live MAC football, volleyball and men's and women's basketball. Conference tournaments in Olympic sports will also be carried by the channel.

Oh, and if more televised games doesn't provide you with all the #MACtion you need, no worries. The deal also provides SportsChannel the rights to carry non-game programming.

Basically, be prepared to experience more #MACtion than ever before, right Jeremy?

But where do you find all this ooey-gooey MAC coverage? If you have Time Warner Cable and live in the coverage regions you can find Time Warner Cable Sports Channel here:

  • Ohio — Channels 1311 (HD) and 311.
  • Central New York — Channel 323 (HD).
  • Albany and Hudson Valley — Channel 1803.
  • Rochester — Channel 1026.
  • Buffalo — Channel 713.
  • MAC games will also be available on Time Warner Cable channel 197 in New York City.
  • Select MAC programming will also be available nationally on Time Warner Cable Video On Demand
Don't have TWC (or one of their more expensive digital packages)? Well, for now it appears you're out of luck, though the release mentioned that TWC will work with other providers in the the coverage footprint to provide consumers with access to games so this will likely change soon. But, remember this is the same company currently being sued by its own consumers for continuing to blackout CBS networks.

So while it's great that the MAC is getting more air-time, I'm holding off on praising this deal until I can actually get the channel without giving my soul (and life savings) to Time Warner Cable.