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Watch List: THE Hustle Belt

Getting in touch with our inner-WWE, enjoy our watch list for THE inaugural Hustle Belt.

Bryan M. Vance

Does anyone care about the Heisman? I do. You probably do, too. But pretend you don't. Because THE Hustle Belt is way more important and I say this because I am awful at math. The Heisman Trophy is boring. It just sits there. They should make it into a big gold chain that you can wear around. Because that's what we do here at Hustle Belt. We want you to wear your successes around in the form of a hella big belt. Here are our favorites for our conference MVP award, THE Hustle Belt.

1. Jordan Lynch (Northern Illinois) - Does an explanation even need to be given? Bryan says yes, so let's rally off stats you've already seen a million times. Last year, Lynch tallied 4,953 all-purpose yards and 34 total touchdowns, second only to a guy known simply as Johnny Football. Any questions?

2. Dri Archer (Kent State) - Archer is Kent's all-purpose man. He returns as the Flashes leading rusher, receiver and kick off return man. His role should be interesting in 2013, but that doesn't mean his touches in various fashions will diminish.

3. Khalil Mack (Buffalo) - A defensive player! Mack will need to be the beast on defense everyone is anticipating him to be this season to even keep a hold on this spot for MVP. Last season Mack led the Bulls with 94 tackles, 21 came for a loss where, over the season, he almost pushed offenses back the entire length of a field. Mack added eight sacks and four forced fumbles.

4. Tyler Tettleton (Ohio) - Tettleton's spot on this list will rise or fall based on one factor: Will Ohio's coaches let him loose? If Tettleton can be more of a factor on the ground, he's only adding to his value. He had 10 rushing touchdowns in 2012 and only four last season, but that doesn't mean his passing statistics aren't deserving enough for a spot on the list. Over two seasons, he's thrown for 6,278 yards and 48 touchdowns.

5. Keith Wenning (Ball State) - Wenning wins Most Likely to Take the Conference by Storm Award for 2013. After throwing for 3,095 yards and 24 touchdowns in 2012, Wenning can no doubt lead the conference in passing. If he does that, look for his stock to rise like no other.

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