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Announcing The Hustle Belt Featured Halftime Show of The Week

It's time to give the bands their own time to shine. We're starting a Featured Halftime Show of The Week and we need your help!

Andrew Weber-USA Today Sports

Here at Hustle Belt we like to view ourselves as champions of all things #MACtion. A community where fans of this great little conference, and all 12.5 member schools can come and catch up on the latest news and analysis, or engage in some conversations.

With football season starting this week you can expect the greatest coverage of MAC Football you'll find anywhere on the web, right here at Hustle Belt. But, as we learned in our MAC Positional Rankings, #MACtion isn't just about the action during regulation. As fans of the MAC we love our bands. Sure, the high scoring offenses and incredibly close weeknight action is nice, but without the wonderful performances from our MAC marching bands, #MACtion just wouldn't be quite the same.

To show our appreciation, starting this season we're going to do a Featured Halftime Show of the Week, every week. It's our way of taking some time out to appreciate one of the finer points of this crazy league we all love. We'll pick the best halftime show from the week before and share it with our community right here on the Belt.

But in order to make this happen we need the help from you, our loyal readers and community members. Each week when you're watching your at the game, make sure to watch the halftime shows. Record the A SNIPPET of the performances (I didn't intend to make it sound like we're trying to get the whole 20-minute show. That would be a copyright violation. Just get a brief segment to show why they should be featured) and share them with us here at Hustle Belt. You can tweet us the link to your videos @HustleBelt. FanShot them, or even email them to us at HustleBeltBlog ( We'll look through them all and pick the best one from the group.

So be sure head out to the games, and record a segment of those halftime shows to share with the rest of us. It's time to show the bands some love.

*Seriously, let's respect these bands claims to copyrights and only grab a few key minutes. We want to give the bands kudos, not steal their shows.*

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