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2013 MAC Pick'em Week 1

With football season finally upon us, the MAC Pick'em returns yet again to bring another fun filled year of picking. This year sees the added team play, along with the usual fun.

Welcome back everyone! In case you missed the original announcement, very little has changed from last year except this is all for pride and bragging rights. You will now be able to be grouped as a team as well, so best of luck to everyone as well as your favorite teams. May your fellow fans be as smart as you think you are.

Now forgive me for being short, but I'm not feeling well, and wanted to make sure I gave everyone ample time for the picks. 3 point week for detailed picks as always is custom for opening weekend.

Link to the live form where you make your picks is here. Don't forget to comment below to earn your extra 3 points. Just some notes on each game is more than fine. Make it interesting, dull, I don't care. But discuss.

I'm sure I'm missing something, so if I am, I'll update and comment. Here are my picks...........

Liberty @ Kent State - This is pretty self-explanatory. Hopefully, the Flashes don't do this this year........

Kent State Andre Parker Recovers Fumble, Runs Wrong Way (via JiMmY sAidz)

Tulsa @ BGSU - I really want to pick the Falcons here, but I just can't. Tulsa has a ton of firepower to overcome the stifling BGSU defense.

Illinois St @ Ball State - Wenning has a monster game. Easily my high team this week.

Akron @ UCF - The Golden Knights have been good lately under George O'Leary. Bowden is still trying to get Akron to two wins. I don't see Akron being competitive in this one.

WMU @ MSU - Michigan State is going to dominate in the trenches against a VERY young offensive and defense pair of lines. P.J. Fleck is going to need a miracle this year.

UMass @ #23 Wisconsin - LOL. Even in their first game without Beilema and Montee Ball, Wisconsin should cruise to a win.

Buffalo @ #2 Ohio State - Urban Meyer's opening cupcake sees a tough Oliver and Mack attack on either side of the ball. Unfortunately, the other 10 guys aren't too good for Buffalo, especially given what Meyer will have.

Toledo @ #10 Florida - Is it ok for rivals to copy each other? Can we see more of this please if at all possible?


NIU @ Iowa - By far the toughest pick for me. I really want to pick NIU, but I can't. Iowa at home, in the first game of the season. I have to go with the Hawkeyes.

CMU @ #17 Michigan - If Enos pulled off this upset.............

Howard @ EMU - They can't possibly lose this game, right?

Miami @ Marshall - The Thundering Herd should beat this Miami team easily. The true test will be Ohio later in the season.

Ohio @ #9 Louisville - Terry Bridgewater all day! Sorry Bobcat fans, but this isn't a dysfunctional Penn State team, this team is looking to fight for a BCS Championship with a cupcake schedule.

High Team: Ball State
Low Team: Buffalo

So send in your picks and let's get it started! Good luck everyone!