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Two Ohio football players arrested

Larenzo Fisher and Greg Windham suspended indefinitely after their arrests for drug-trafficking charges.


Larenzo Fischer (junior defensive back) and Greg Windham (redshirt-freshman quarterback) were arrested earlier today on fourth-degree drug-trafficking charges. A police report issued by the Ohio University Police Department warranted Fischer with four counts of Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs. Windham was warranted with one count.

The two allegedly sold MDMA (aka "Molly"), dating back to April or May of ths year.

A statement issued by the OU Athletic Dept. said that the two players were "suspended indefinitely".

Per Ohio State Law, the two could be looking at a $5,000 fine and/or 18 months in prison, per charge.

While Windham was locked in a depth chart battle for the 3rd-string quarterback role, Fischer was a starter that was already going to be suspended for the first two games for his misdemeanor assault charge.