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UMass coach Charley Molnar hosts chat room with fans

The second-year coach of the second-year program hosted a chatroom on Friday to address any and all questions fans might have.

Charley Molnar and the UMass Athletic Department are making sure fans feel involved in UMass' ascendance.
Charley Molnar and the UMass Athletic Department are making sure fans feel involved in UMass' ascendance.

The UMass Minutemen will be begin their second season of #MACtion in 2013 and if head coach Charley Molnar has learned anything during his lone season in the league, it's that you better know how to commit to hashtags. This was on display again on Friday when Molnar hosted a chat room with fans to share his hashtag-laden wisdom with the masses.

Molnar's first great answer came in response to an eloquent reader named "Guest" who merely wanted to thank him for bringing FBS football to Massachusetts' highest-profile public university.

"Hey, it wasn't my idea to move up to FBS competition," Molnar pointed out. "But if there was one university in America that should have made the move, it was the Minutemen!

"We have most of the pieces to be a competitive IA program...just hang with us as we get through the growing pains, we're going to be really good in a short time! #MadeInMassachusetts"

Molnar went on to address questions about the offensive line, players who have improved the most, and elements of the offense including how much of the playbook will be open for the quarterbacks this season. He also addressed where the team's biggest strength lies and his answer probably tells you everything you need to know about where UMass is at this stage of its history.

"Probably the biggest strength of our football team is our specialists," Molnar said. "We have one of the best punters in the nation (Colter Johnson), our Kick-off guy can consistently puts the ball in the end zone (Brendon Leavengood), our kicker will be one of the best in the MAC (Blake Lucas), our holder is Mr. Reliable (Jeff Strait), and our short/long snapper has pro potential (Vance Barton)."

Always a good interview, Molnar also made sure those who tuned in left with a cliff-hanger after one fan asked about the role uniforms play in recruiting. After a bit of toe-tapping, the coach let us all know that he is "sure you will LOVE one of our new looks for 2013!"

Who knows what Molnar and the Minutemen have up their sleeves on the uniform front this season. But here's to hoping they bust their surprise out for some #MACtion before the year is through.