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MSU defense holding Broncos in check after 1

The vaunted MSU defense has dominated the Broncos in the first 15 minutes, holding them to a mere 31 yards and forcing 2 INTs.  You may see both INTs on SportsCenter tonight as one was a lateral for a TD, and the other was an insane one-hander.

TVT struggled, going just 4/11 for 25 yds along with those INTs, and the Bronco running game has yet to get started.

However, this game is just 7-0 thanks in a large part to the Bronco defense, who has bent, but not broken, forcing 3 punts and currently hold a 3rd and 7 in MSU territory.  Give them major credit despite a horrific offensive showing thus far.

Connor Cook has replaced Andrew Maxwell at MSU QB already, and MSU has only gained 75 total yards themselves despite an 8:55 time of possession mark