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MSU grows lead, WMU defense still holding strong

Despite a costly INT, and a huge punt return, MSU was only able to expand their lead to 12 with a pair of short field goals in the 3rd quarter.  Zach Terrell, playing well in relief of TVT, has added some mobility to the Bronco offense, but has failed to get anything going against the tough Spartan defense in the 3rd.

Meanwhile, the Spartans have had some success, but have been stiffled trying to get back to the end zone, being stopped from 3 and 13 yards out on 2 drives.  Those ended in 20 and 30 yard FGs respectively, and that was all the scoring in the 3rd.

With 15 minutes to go, the Broncos must find some offense or miss out on a possible upset.  Regardless, they have exceeded expectations defensively, holding Andrew Maxwell and Connor Cook relatively in check, and have held Spartan rushing attack down most of the night.